Departure from Mexico City to Tlaxcala. Arrival at the Tlaxcala Center where we will make a tour visiting the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Tlaxcala, considered today one of the oldest and beautiful for being unique in its kind to have its bell tower separated from the convent and keep inside a coffered ceiling Mudejar style. The state of Tlaxcala is identified by its great bullfighting tradition so we will make a Panoramic Tour through the Plaza de Toros Jorge Aguilar “El Ranchero”. It is considered one of the most beautiful in the country because the tower of the Cathedral escorts this jewel of Tlaxcaltecan bullfighting. Free time to eat. We continue to Rancho Pulquero where we will make a tour of the Magueyera with explanation and demonstration of the various varieties of maguey capason and extraction of aguamiel. At night we will adventure through a walk to the magical forest of Nanacamilpa in which every year there is an incredible natural phenomenon in which thousands of fireflies turn the dark night into a light show. Each year, the fireflies visit the municipalities of Nanacamilpa to reproduce thanks to the fact that this area of ​​more than 200 hectares offers the ideal conditions of humidity and feeding for the fireflies.

22:30 hrs Departure from the Sanctuary to Mexico City.

24:00 Hrs. Approximately arrival to Mexico City (Depending on traffic) IMPORTANT NOTE: The sighting of fireflies is a natural phenomenon which depends on the climatic factors and other factors in which the human being does not influence. If there is a full moon, it is difficult to appreciate its appearance. Recommendations: Wear mountain boots, come well wrapped (if possible bring another change of clothes), wear raincoat “access with umbrellas is forbidden”. Indispensable: This tour is not available for pregnant women, hypertensive people, diabetics, heart or lung problems, who suffer from any physical or motor disability, liver disease, nervous or with any injury to bones and joints in general. Participation is suggested for children over 5 years of age and young adults with good health and physical condition to walk for a long time in diverse high dirt terrain.

  • Transportation by van leaving Mexico City.
  • Group coordinator in Spanish.
  • Visit to the Tlaxcala Center.
  • Panoramic tour of the Bullring.
  • Visit to Pulquero Ranch.
  • Tour in Magueyera.
  • Mead extraction demonstration.
  • Visit to the sanctuary of the fireflies.
  • Walk in the woods.
  • Fireflies sighting.
  • Admission to the sanctuary of the fireflies.
  • Travel insurance on board the unit.
  • taxes
  • No tip.
  • Nothing not previously specified.
  • Forbidden to capture, transport, grab or kill fireflies
  • Respect and walk the trails
  • Avoid separating from your group in the forest and from the guide for your own safety.
  • The intense light inhibits your reproductive cycle (flash, lamps, the moon, shoes that emit light, etc.).
  • Prohibited to light lamps, guides only.
  • Do not make noise (music, whistle, scream).
  • Do not leave trash in the forest.
  • Prohibited to make fires inside the sanctuary.
  • Smoking and ingesting drugs or alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Turn off cell phones on excursions.
  • The use of tablets, cell phones and non-professional cameras is not allowed to take pictures.
  • The use of the professional camera is low after registration and notification to the Center (additional cost paid directly in cash at the sanctuary).


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