Campeche – Uxmal With Deliver In Mérida (or viceversa)

CAMPECHE, EDZNA KABAH UXMALl 2 10 We leave the city of Campeche to go to the city of Merida with a stopover in one of the Premium sites of the Mayan
Region, Uxmal with its Quadrangle of the Nuns and the Fortune-teller. Beautiful works in stone latticework characteristic of Puuc architecture. Later, Uxmal will move to Blanca Mérida to the door of his hotel, making a brief panoramic tour to acclimate you before your stay in Mérida.
Or starting from the city of Mérida towards Campeche. Includes: transportation, guide, tickets, water.
Does not include: anything previously unspecified, tips.


5 hours

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