Campeche – Carmen – Terminos Lagoon

ISLA AGUADA, LAGUNA DE TERMINOS gaby 26 Tour by boat along the coast of the Terminos lagoon departing from the city of Campeche, this old haven of pirates
that is today a beautiful natural sanctuary where you can admire the mouth dolphins bottle and various species of
birds. Later of the Términos lagoon we will visit the lighthouse of the town and we will eat in Tortugas bay where we
will eat rich dishes of the coastal region, in the style of Tortugas bay in Campeche. Includes: Transportation Campeche-Island Aguada-Campeche, Tour in minor boat through the Terminos Lagoon,
lunch at the Tortugas bay spa.
Does not include: anything previously unspecified, tips.


9 hours

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