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Master Artisans Tour In Morelia, Michoacán

You will visit the villages of the most famous master artisans who leave near Morelia, Michoacán, first we will leave for Capula visiting the craft shop of catrinas, observing high temperature ceramics with the technique of pointillism. You will also visit the internationally recognized artisan workshop Juan Torres.

Continuing with the tour, you will visit the town of Santa Fe de la Laguna, Purépecha town that was the beginning of the evangelization to the new utopian model of Don Vasco de Quiroga. We will visit a clay workshop to learn about the technique that local artisans perform.


Then you will visit the town of Oponguio, a river town near to the Pátzcuaro lake where several types of mezcal are produced by hand. We will visit the vinata carrier pigeons to know the process of elaboration and have a tasting.

The tour will continue in the village of Erongarícuaro, visiting the center of the town and main temple, this Purépecha town known for its importance of artistic openness since here lived the father of surrealism, the artisan André Bretón. Enjoy the food of the place (not included) to visit the town of Tocuaro where we will know a workshop of artisanal masks that are used in dances and cultural events; masks very typical of the region. This experience  allows us to see the beauty of what is done by hand, inserting the soul in each process until get the final product.

NOTE: Pointillism is a style of painting that consists of doing a job using points.



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