Campechec, Camino Real – Artisan, Culinary And Arqueological Tour

CAMPECHE, CAMINO REAL ARTESANAL CAMPECHE UXMAL CON ENTREGA EN MERIDA We will leave the city of Campeche for a guided tour of the main attractions of the so-called “Camino Real” or “Ruta
Artesanal” de Campeche. From the main artisanal points we will see the weaving of hats in caves, an archaeological
zone just in rescue, and will have the possibility of tasting the traditional bread made in Pomuch stone ovens, part
of the important gastronomy that the Camino Real or Artesanal offers us. Later we will make the return to the city
of Campeche. Includes: transfer, guide, food.
Does not include: anything previously unspecified, tips.


7 hours

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